About Us

Hello, I am Jeff the Beeman, and I am happy that you have found Aquidneckhoney. I began keeping honeybees in 1996 In Newport RI with a couple of hives. My grandfather was an immigrant from Portugal and an incredible gardener. I would spend weekends and afternoons first landscaping and then gardening with him. His talent and passion for agriculture amazed me.
Needless to say, we have come far since the beginning with only 2 hives. We are now responsible for over one thousand hives, which cover the entire state! Having only 1 hive in my yard, that leaves hundreds of hives to pollinate our farms, estates and backyard gardens alike with our chemical free honeybees. Did I mention that we do not charge for pollination services?  
When first meeting people I introduce myself as “ Your Beekeeper”. We support all the farms who support all of us…it is a community after all, just like a beehive. I feel that we all should have the opportunity to enjoy a Pure, Raw, Local Chemical Free honey, and that is why I began Aquidneckhoney. Thank you for supporting our efforts in local chemical free pollination and honey production. Your thoughts and participation are very important to me. Please visit often and tell your friends why this is so important…But always remember, “No Bees = No Farms = NO FOOD”


Jeff the bee man