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Forgotten Passwords-if your already registered simply click forgot my password, We will send you an email with the details on remembering your old password or simply selecting a new one. REMEMBER:No member of Aquidneck Honey will every ask you for your password or personal account details. If this does happen please contact our Office immediately so we can further investigate the issue.

Why Is there A Pop Up every time I visit a page within Aquidneckhoney.com?-This is because Aquidneckhoney.com has our pages encrypted with todays newest technologies, Our Site is 100% SSL certified, This protects you as the customer and us at the same time. It's very safe to hit SHOW ALL whenever you have this pop up. This will allow you to view the site as we intended it to be seen.

What is the risk?


Tips for making secure online transactions in Internet Explorer 9

A secure online transaction is an encrypted exchange of information between a website and Windows Internet Explorer 9.

To help ensure that an online transaction is secure, look for the following:

  • The web address starts with the prefix HTTPS. The "S" is important because it means that an encryption protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is being used to connect to a web server. The prefix HTTP (without the "S") means that encryption isn't being used, and the transaction is less secure.

    If you receive a message in the Notification bar telling you that some content isn't secure, then the webpage is displaying content using both HTTPS and HTTP web server connections. HTTP (without the "S") transactions might not be secure. For more information, see the “Only secure content is displayed” notification in Internet Explorer 9.

  • A lock icon appears on the right side of the Address bar. Click the lock icon to view the certificate used to encrypt the webpage. The certificate identifies the certification authority that issued it, the dates that it's valid, and the server you're communicating with. If something looks wrong in the information, contact the issuer to confirm the certificate's validity.

  • If the website has a certificate, the color in the Address bar shows the certificate's validation level.

    The following table describes what the colors in the Address bar mean.


    What it means


    The certificate is out of date, invalid, or has an error. For more information, see Certificate errors: frequently asked questions.


    The authenticity of the certificate or certification authority that issued it can't be verified. This might indicate a problem with the certification authority's website.


    The certificate has normal validation. This means that communication with the website is encrypted.


    The certificate uses extended validation. This means that communication between your browser and website is encrypted and that the certification authority has confirmed the website is owned or operated by a business that is legally organized under the jurisdiction shown in the certificate and on the Security Status bar.


You've seen PayPal at eBay and scores of other leading online merchants -- and now Aquidneckhoney.com has it.
PayPal Accepted   PayPal is one of the safest, most widely accepted ways to pay for your purchases on the Internet. It lets you use funds from either your bank account or credit card; and you can use it with confidence: Your transactions are protected by PayPal's sophisticated fraud prevention system.

All you need is a PayPal account to get started. Don't have one yet? It's fast and easy to set up; in fact, you can do it while you complete your Aquidneckhoney.com purchase.

  • In the shopping cart under "Select Payment Method," choose "PayPal Account".
  • Click "Checkout."
  • Click "Go To PayPal" to log in to your existing account or to create a new one.
  • Verify that Aquidneckhoney is the merchant from whom you are purchasing.
  • Accept the merchant agreement.
  • When you receive your transaction ID number, click "Back to Merchant" to return to our site and finishing checking out.
That's it. Using PayPal at Aquidneckhoney.com really is that easy!
     Checking Account Debit
Your check is welcome here.
  Internet purchasing has been reserved for folks who use credit cards. Not at Aquidneckhoney.com.

We understand plenty of people don't use credit cards. If you're one of them, you're welcome here, and can pay via checking account debit.
  • Shop for the products, of your choice
  • Add your selections to the cart
  • When you come to the Payment Options section, select "Pay by Check"
  • Finish your checkout
  • Payment is accepted this way Please allow up to 7-10 days for processing.
It's simple!

NOTE: If you're paying by check, You are subject to fee's if your check does not clear our system. Please Allow up to 10 days for processing by check.
     Credit / Debit / Prepaid Cards
Your credit card information is secure with us.
  Aquidneckhoney.com accepts most major credit, debit, and prepaid cards:

Visa  |   MasterCard  |   American Express  |   Discover

The majority of our customers use credit, debit, or prepaid cards to pay for their Aquidneck honey Products. Paying by credit, debit, or prepaid cards streamlines our billing process and helps us keep our prices the lowest you'll find. Paying with a credit or debit card is the easiest way to go.