The Bee's Knees

Hello everyone, check out our latest appearance on The Rhode Show...Here is the link:

3-9-2011 Please check out this link!

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12-18-2010 Today we offered Aquidneckhoney Chocolates to the public at The Pawtucket Farmers
Market for the first time. Everyone was gracious and the product was well liked (and enjoyed) on the
spot! Here is a typical response from this morning...

Hi Jeff:
I bought a bag of your chocolates today at the farmer's market and WOW! Totally decadent and
outrageously delicious! Can't stop at just one. Are you using just the honey to sweeten them or is
there added sugar? It seems that the flavor of the honey would be enough to sweeten them. They are
fantastic. I hope you sell a ton
PS...great website too
We will bee making our much sought after Holiday Gift Baskets up to a couple days before and order yours today. They are a great value filled with all natural and local products!

More to come!